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Due to a planned change in payment facilitator, currently payment via credit and debit card is not available. The Service is planned to be back online ASAP.
Should a card payment order be required please contact one of our team either via the Dräger Chat, e-mail (
nqrs@draeger.com) or our Customer Service contact number +44 (0)8000 884 540 and our Customer Service Team will process your requirement.

DrägerShop FAQ

Please find here all answers to your questions with the most frequently asked questions.

Which products are sold in the DrägerShop?

Non-configured Devices e.g. Breathing Apparatus (SCBA), Mobile Gas Detection incl. Dräger Tubes and Pumps, Dräger Alcotest and Drugtest. Emergency Escape Devices (Compressed air, Filter and Oxygen Cartridge), Respiratory Protection Equipment, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) plus accessories and consumables for Dräger Safety devices and products.

How can I register as a customer in the DrägerShop?

Users who are already a customer of Draeger Safety UK and have an SAP customer number can apply for a user account for the online shop via the registration form in the DrägerShop​.
Customers without a SAP customer number can also complete the registration form. For Credit Card Customers, once the customer has completed the registration form and has confirmed the entry of their data by clicking in the confirmation e-mail, the account is immediately set up in the DrägerShop and can be used for ordering. They will have access to the product portfolio with payment by credit / debit card.

Why are the prices hidden?

Prices can only be viewed by logged in users in the DrägerShop.

When will the order be delivered?

If the goods are available in stock, shipping usually takes place within a few working days. This period is extended when the goods have to be produced or transferred from another warehouse. In urgent cases, an "express delivery" can be selected during the ordering process.

Why is the product range not complete?

The offer in the DrägerShop is based on items ordered by our customers in the online shop in the last three years. Maybe the item you're looking for is no longer active and has been replaced by another item or it has not yet been added to the store catalog. Please contact the DrägerShop team and let them know which product you would like to order in the future via the DrägerShop. You can reach the DrägerShop team via draegershop.team.uk@draeger.com or via the contact form in the DrägerShop.​

I forgot my password - what can I do now?

Every registered user can set a new password using the "Forgot Password" function. You can find the "Forgot Password" function in the menu item "Log in“.​

I have revoked my consent to data protection - can I continue to use the DrägerShop?

​If you have withdrawn your consent to our data protection regulations, you will be automatically logged out of the DrägerShop. You can log back in to the DrägerShop and are then asked to agree to the data protection regulations, if you give your consent again, you can use the DrägerShop again as usual.

Every registered user can set a new password using the "Forgot Password" function. You can find the "Forgot Password" function in the menu item "Log in“.​

Why can I not revoke my consent to cookies in the DrägerShop?

​When you first visit the DrägerShop, you will be asked to accept the use of cookies. This setting is stored in your browser. If you want to change these, you would have to change the settings in your browser.

How can I close my account in the DrägerShop and delete my data from the system?

You could close your account in the DrägerShop at any time and have the data deleted from the system. To do this, in the menu item "My Account" select the item "Close Account" and follow the instructions for closing the account and deleting the data. Please note:
If you close your account, your profile information will be deleted in the DrägerShop System and your account will be terminated. The data for your orders will remain stored in our ERP system for the duration of the statutory retention period and will be deleted at the end of this period. During this period, the DrägerShop team will be happy to help you with questions about order history and proof of purchase.
The closing of your account in the DrägerShop only affects the data in this system. If you have registered for further systems from Dräger and have stored your data, these will not be deleted by the closing of the customer account in the DrägerShop.
Once the account has been closed, you will no longer be able to use the DrägerShop with this account.

How do I log in to the DrägerShop?

In principle, the registration at the customer account in the DrägerShop works via your e-mail address and a personal password.

When registering, a message "E-mail address is already in use" is displayed. What can I do to register anyway?

The message means that there is already a user in the DrägerShop under this e-mail address. Have you registered in the past? Then simply use the "Forgot Password" function to set a new password and you can log in to the DrägerShop.

What can I do if I have problems with the display and functionality of the shop?

Please check on the used Browser. The usage of outdated browsers like IE11 could cause some problems in the display of the shop. For an optimized shopping experience, please use the browsers EDGE or CHROME.